Release your inhibitions! 18+ only/NSFW

Going topless is not a crime. If so, it should be for men as well as women. Women are taught to be ashamed of their breasts and cover them up in itchy, sweaty bras. Free yourself!

How can you free yourself and help other women become free? Every Tuesday is Topfree Tuesday! Post a picture of your bare breasts to liberate yourself and inspire other women! When topfreedom hits critical mass, women will fight for their rights. We cannot be ignored when there are too many of us! We are the middle women to the topfree revolution. We don't need to start charities or take money. Charity starts with ourselves.

Disclaimer: Unless otherwise stated, no pictures or media are mine. ~~ Namaste ~~

This is the end

Namaste. I have tried and tried, but bare boobs for freedom has failed. I have spent all of this time working on a bigger project. Submissions will still be open. I won’t be checking up on it or updating it from now on. I only hope that one day that someone with the confidence will stumble upon it and bare her breasts. Maybe it will lead to a ripple effect. I hope this happens in my permanent absence period. Not a single submitter or even a reblog. Not one. I have lost hope for this blog. The submission link is: I hope and pray that this seed I planted will grow into a tree. After enough time, it might just happen. Maybe I will never know, but if it can set one soul free, I will be happy.

Namaste ~~ Karen